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Commercial Components

Working on a commercial playground project and need a variety of components?  Look no further.  We have a wide variety of roto-molded components to make your playground as fun and exciting as possible. Looking for custom components and accessories?  We have you covered

Slide Components.png


A. Flare Spiral Slide
Part No. 7042-76200A-XX-00
(includes hood, post, and hardware)

B. Flare Spiral Hood
Part No. 7042-06102T-XX-00

C. Flare Spiral Side Entry Panel
Part No. 7042-06103T-XX-00
(sold individually; requires 2 per slide)

D. Spiral Slide Deck Support
Part No. 6510-000016-77-00
(recommended deck support)

E. Spiral Slide Center Pole
Part No. 6005-045012-99-25
(12' sold unpainted)

F. Hardware Kit
Part No. 7042-76200K-00-00

G. Flared Slide Universal Foot Buck
Part No. 6510-00024K-00-00

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