Commercial Components

Working on a commercial playground project and need a variety of components?  Look no further.  We have a wide variety of roto-molded components to make your playground as fun and exciting as possible. Looking for custom components and accessories?  We have you covered


A. Flare Spiral Slide
Part No. 7042-76200A-XX-00
(includes hood, post, and hardware)

B. Flare Spiral Hood
Part No. 7042-06102T-XX-00

C. Flare Spiral Side Entry Panel
Part No. 7042-06103T-XX-00
(sold individually; requires 2 per slide)

D. Spiral Slide Deck Support
Part No. 6510-000016-77-00
(recommended deck support)

E. Spiral Slide Center Pole
Part No. 6005-045012-99-25
(12' sold unpainted)

F. Hardware Kit
Part No. 7042-76200K-00-00

G. Flared Slide Universal Foot Buck
Part No. 6510-00024K-00-00